Webstige ™

Webstige - SEO and maintenance of your website

With a Webstige ™ attain full maintenance of your website, documentation, your products and service functions.

Webstige™ Standard

Webstige™ Premium

Webstige™ Professionel

Webhotel Pro

We offer you a Webstige ™ subscription for all of your maintenace needs, so you can concentrate on other tasks that are important and required for the development of your business and sales.

Blogs, databases, websites, and webshops. We can handle this and much more to assure everyting runs smoothly!

A Webstige™ subscription includes:

  • Insertion of new texts (Webstige™ Standard)
  • Insertion of new texts images (Webstige™ Standard)
  • Creating new pages for products
    (Extra for Webstige™ Premium + Professional)
  • Creating new pages for product catagories
    (Extra for Webstige™ Premium + Professionel)
  • Price adjustments (Webstige™ Standard)
  • Adjustments of sale and delivery conditions
    (Webstige™ Standard)

Quality Assurance and Security

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